Elder Law

Take on the legal needs of your elderly or disabled loved ones.

Estate Law & Litigation

Prepare and protect your estate in Sugar Land, Texas.

Probate Law

Distribute assets to your loved one's beneficiaries.

Will and Trust Law

Draft your will and trust to set your family members up for success.

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Estate planning, elder law and more in Sugar Land, Texas

Estate planning is hard work. It's not easy to figure out your children's inheritance, set up a conservatorship for a disabled family member or probate your deceased loved one's will. Leave issues like these to a team of talented and passionate estate attorneys in Sugar Land, Texas. Teltschik-Grubbs, PLLC provides clients with the peace of mind they need.

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Reasons to choose Teltschik-Grubbs, PLLC

Don't settle for just any estate attorney to help you through tough planning issues. Hire an attorney from Teltschik-Grubbs, PLLC because:

  1. We're talented. Our attorneys understand the complicated and nuanced aspects of elder, estate and probate law in Sugar Land, Texas.
  2. We're friendly. It's important to work with an attorney who you can trust and who you enjoy speaking with.
  3. We're affordable. We keep our rates reasonable, so we can take on the clients who need us most.

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Let us help you through the estate planning process

Our firm provides a variety of estate planning and other legal services. Trust Teltschik-Grubbs, PLLC when you need an:

  • Elder law attorney to help your disabled or elderly loved ones manage their estates and settle their debts,
  • Estate lawyer or litigator to protect you in the event of estate disputes with family members or creditors,
  • Probate lawyer to distribute assets fairly according to your loved one's wishes, or
  • Wills and trusts lawyer to help you set your family and businesses up for success after you pass.

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