Probate Attorney in Sugar Land, TX

Probate Attorney in Sugar Land, TX

Find an Attorney with Probate Law Experience

After you experience a death in the family, the legality of the will probably isn't the first thing you think about. However, it's important to be pragmatic. The probate attorneys at Teltschik-Grubbs, PLLC can help you make sure your loved one's and beneficiaries receive their proper inheritances according to your wishes.

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5 things you can trust your probate attorney to do

Your probate lawyer can help you deal with a death. Hire Teltschik-Grubbs, PLLC to assist you:

  1. Probate an estate
  2. Schedule a property appraisal
  3. Figure out if any taxes are owed on the estate
  4. Settle debts and pay bills
  5. Secure the estate assets
  6. Manage life insurance proceedings

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