Estate Planning in Sugar Land, TX

Estate Planning in Sugar Land, TX

Hire an estate planning attorney today

Organize your estate plans before it's too late. Teltschik-Grubbs, PLLC helps clients in Sugar Land, TX plan their estates well before the need arises. Our estate planning attorneys will help you through a variety of end-of-life and property management issues, duties and concerns that arise after a death or debilitating illness in the family. These are things you might not be familiar with if you haven't had to deal with them before.

Services we provide include:

  • Preparing trusts
  • Probating wills
  • Creating powers of attorney
  • Establishing conservatorships
  • Setting up guardianships
  • Litigating estate planning legal cases

Get the legal assistance you need in Sugar Land, TX. Call 281-201-0700 to schedule a consultation with an estate planning attorney at Teltschik-Grubbs, PLLC.

3 things to look for in an estate planning attorney

Planning your estate is serious business. Don't trust just any lawyer with the job. Hire an estate planning attorney who demonstrates:

  1. Understanding of Texas state laws.
  2. Experience with a variety of family and financial situations.
  3. A friendly demeanor and a willingness to listen.

When you're ready to hire an estate planning lawyer, look no further than Teltschik-Grubbs, PLLC.